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Adham Elmahdy

General Manager | Geocycle, member of Holcim

Adham Elmahdy is a passionate advocate for sustainability and environmental stewardship. With over 19 years of experience in the cement, concrete, and waste management industries, Elmahdy has spearheaded numerous initiatives aimed at reducing carbon emissions, minimizing environmental impact, and promoting circular economy principles. As Country Sustainability Director and Geocycle General Manager at Lafarge Egypt, he oversees the development and implementation of sustainable practices across the company's operations.

Elmahdy holds a BSc of engineering from Cairo University, followed by post-studies in climate change from the University of Exeter and sustainable development from the University of Aberdeen, where he developed a strong foundation in environmental science and sustainability. Throughout his career, he has been committed to driving positive change within the industry, collaborating with stakeholders to find innovative solutions to complex challenges.

With a deep understanding of the intersection between business and sustainability, Elmahdy is dedicated to inspiring others to embrace the principles of sustainable development and walk the talk when it comes to environmental responsibility.

Adham Elmahdy
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