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Ismail M. Sarhank

Co-founder & COO | Menthum

Ismail M. Sarhank is a professional with a diverse background in the financial services and media industries. As the Co-founder and COO of Menthum, a dynamic fintech startup, he plays a pivotal role in shaping the company's strategy, overseeing operations, and driving its rapid growth. With extensive experience in the financial sector, he also serves as the Deputy CEO of IBAG-Western Union, where he is responsible for managing money transfer operations and corporate business. During his tenure, he forged strong partnerships with the Central Bank of Egypt and other industry players. Before his role at IBAG-Western Union, Ismail held the position of Director of Operations at IBA Media, where he orchestrated a transformative shift from an Ad-based model to a copy sales and cash flow positive model. 

Ismail's dedication to innovation and leveraging technology for business advancement was evident in his role as Director of Business Development for IBAG-Western Union, he introduced AI and machine learning models, resulting in a substantial 15% annual revenue increase and improved business cycles.

Passionate about empowering individuals to achieve financial security and independence, Ismail co-founded Menthum with the vision of providing innovative financial solutions. He continues to drive the company's mission to revolutionize the way people save and invest,

ultimately improving their financial well-being.

Ismail earned a BA of business administration with a minor in economics from The American University in Cairo.

Ismail M. Sarhank
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