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Tarek Roushdy

CEO and Founder | UI Investments

Tarek Roushdy, CEO and founder of UI Investments, comes from the oil and gas sector. He started his career in the corporate world and climbed the ladder to become a regional manager in North Africa. In 2004, he started his journey in the SME world, establishing with some of his veteran friends two regional service companies which he grew until successful exits in 2017 and 2020 respectively. He ended his executive career as Middle East Africa Vice President of the US/Canadian international company that made the 2017 acquisition and retired in 2020.


In 2015, Roushdy was introduced to the Canadian startup’s Ecosystem in Montreal, where his family lives, as a member in “Anges Quebec”. His investment journey progressed in parallel with his career until 2020. Since then, he has been active in the entrepreneurship ecosystem as mentor and angel investor through his company UI Investments L.L.C. with a portfolio of around 25+ startups distributed over several countries with a focus on Egypt with already 5 exits so far. He is part of several mentorship initiatives and programs including AUC Venture Lab Startup Accelerator, MINT, Village Capital, VC4A, Start Up Factory and DMZ plus being part of several networks such as AUC Angels, Acasia (ex-Cairo Angels), Alex Angels (Egypt), Supporters Fund (Canada), Bioverge Network (USA) & Cross Fund Network (Singapore). Roushdy’s current mission is paying back to the community through supporting founders, with a recent focus on startups with a social impact.

Tarek Roushdy
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