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Hani W. Naguib

Evidence-based Entrepreneurship Expert, Startup Advisor and Innovation Consultant

Hani W. Naguib is a leading Egyptian Business Designer and Innovation Consultant bringing a decade of experience in preparing executives and entrepreneurs to become innovators. He specializes in designing and delivering fun and interactive workshop experience, mentoring startup founders, and joining innovation teams to facilitate prototyping and validating customer-centric business models.

Since 2012, Hani has been inspiring the right mindset with thought-provoking keynotes on the latest in innovation and Evidence-Based Entrepreneurship, volunteering 1000s of hours mentoring early-stage startups, and engaging the Egyptian ecosystem with his blog and articles. His main aim is to teach entrepreneurs to learn by doing, investigate alternatives, appreciate experimental learning & value evidence over opinion. His mantra is:"Invest in entrepreneurs' mindsets, and a successful startup is only a matter of time."

Hani W. Naguib
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